It is with pleasure that we introduce 1010 Media Limited, a distinguished branding, design, printing production, and marketing communications outfit with first-class skills and expertise. We are a community of skilled and intelligent people. We thrive on innovation, passion, and natural ideas.
We are focused and well experienced in the art and science of A-Z branding and marketing communications world. We have a team of dedicated and resourceful individuals who believe in excellence and professionalism. From conception, we work with brands to discover, establish, and achieve its unique Identity, and also help in managing and maintaining such brand consistently.
We create or re-brand brands to give them a unique, impactful, and functional visual identity that make them out. We provide unique solutions for businesses and personal printing needs.
Our strength focuses on the needs of the clients, their time-frame for the project, and the overall job description with determination and professionalism all at a very competitive rate.
We provide a true one-stop operation by being able to accommodate all of our clients’ needs.

Our vision
To be a world-class marketing communications company in Nigeria reaching out to the world.

Our mission
To provide ingenuity which inspires consumers to be loyal to our clients’ brand, resulting in their sustainable growth.

Our core beliefs
To continually improve our people and their productivity. To continually develop a system that sustains our clients growth To cultivate clients who believe in us and reward us for our good works. To diligently work in an environment where ideas are celebrated and innovation is our vision the heartbeat.

Our competencies
Marketing Communications from design to final finished work.

Graphic Design
Printing Needs Analysis and
Print Production
Brand Building and